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Leaderboards encourage friendly competition to help everyone stay motivated! The fitness minutes and SparkPoints in the leaderboards show all the activity from people across America participating in the campaign. Get involved today by joining your favorite teams to help them move up the leaderboards! If you're not on a team in a category just click into the category, click a team, and join. Also keep an eye out for more categories in the future.

Below are all the teams in our Volunteering challenge category. If you don't find a team that you like you can click here to create a new team in this category at

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Volunteering Leaderboards

Rank & Team Name October Total SparkPoints 2017 Total SparkPoints
All Time SparkPoints
1)  Knitting & crochet for charity 20,044 307,593 1,583,906
2)  Boy Scout/Cub Scout Leaders wanting to get fit. 14,919 312,533 3,653,591
3)  Helping Others As We Get Fit 8,287 146,468 3,742,348
4)  GIRL SCOUTING! 6,882 92,995 1,843,069
5)  Spark Society of Friends 6,106 100,658 862,224
6)  CURVES BIGGEST LOSERS 3,511 65,853 996,211
7)  Emergency Responders 2,600 56,823 998,478
8)  Political Discussion from the Left 1,627 42,365 1,356,522
9)  Leaders of Girl Guides of Canada (unofficial) 655 6,375 27,095
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