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Leaderboards encourage friendly competition to help everyone stay motivated! The fitness minutes and SparkPoints in the leaderboards show all the activity from people across America participating in the campaign. Get involved today by joining your favorite teams to help them move up the leaderboards! If you're not on a team in a category just click into the category, click a team, and join. Also keep an eye out for more categories in the future.

Below is the leaderboard for members of the Bridgeport team. To learn more about this team you can click here, or you can also click here to return to the Cities overall leaderboard.

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Bridgeport Individual Leaderboards

Rank & Username October Total Minutes 2017 Total Minutes
All Time Minutes
1)  AGEE1944 2,140 29,154 94,791
2)  MAIGENET 1,846 20,412 22,726
3)  FOOL35 1,151 13,369 45,507
4)  SAINA_H 419 1,240 12,908
5)  CINDYCRDZ 284 1,688 4,221
6)  WRECINE 194 4,197 9,345
Last updated 5 hours 41 minutes ago.
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