SparkDetroit - The Official Team

SparkDetroit - The Official Team is HOT! HOT! HOT! Our goal is to become fit, healthy and as positive as we can be as we support each other on our journey to wellness! WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US!

  • Total SparkPoints: 13,053,783
  • Total Fitness Minutes: 12,253,207
  • Oct. 2017 SparkPoints: 57,142
  • Oct. 2017 Minutes: 43,763
  • Total Members: 15,081

Ranked #16 in the City to City Challenge SparkAmerica Leaderboard Challenge

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Team Leaderboard

   October 2017 SparkPoints Leaders:

7,979 SparkPoints


7,585 SparkPoints


5,523 SparkPoints

4)  STAR135000

4,176 SparkPoints


4,054 SparkPoints

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