Fayetteville/Fort Bragg Folks

This is a group for those in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg NC area trying lose or maintain their weight. This group is here for local support. We encourage active participation.

  • Total SparkPoints: 1,982,772
  • Total Fitness Minutes: 1,943,273
  • Oct. 2017 SparkPoints: 5,321
  • Oct. 2017 Minutes: 5,056
  • Total Members: 6,998

Ranked #125 in the City to City Challenge SparkAmerica Leaderboard Challenge

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   October 2017 SparkPoints Leaders:

1,193 SparkPoints


831 SparkPoints


528 SparkPoints

4)  GYNGER12

515 SparkPoints


196 SparkPoints

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