Spark Brevard -- The Official Team

The Official Team for Brevard County Fl. Join us & meet your neighbors who want to stay fit, have fun, and be healthy. Help make ours one of the top teams by joining our team challenges and goals!

  • Total SparkPoints: 3,564,819
  • Total Fitness Minutes: 3,421,895
  • Oct. 2017 SparkPoints: 15,434
  • Oct. 2017 Minutes: 11,817
  • Total Members: 4,873

Ranked #71 in the City to City Challenge SparkAmerica Leaderboard Challenge

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Team Leaderboard

   October 2017 SparkPoints Leaders:

6,194 SparkPoints


3,622 SparkPoints

3)  BKEMOM59

797 SparkPoints


534 SparkPoints


455 SparkPoints

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